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Whether you need a modular vault that's Class M, 1, 2, 3, or light weight, FEMAC has got you covered.

The concrete panels are manufactured with a combination of concrete and security fibers enclosed within a metal frame.  They are designed to fit together on site to form the walls, ceilings, and floors.  Welds are coated to ensure no material degradation.  Our methods meet the strict requirements of Underwriters Laboratory Safety Standard U.L. 608.  Let us custom design a vault for you.

Our vault doors also meet the U.L. standards required for the different classes.  Triple time locks, day locks, stainless steel cladding, alarm protection, day gate and more are standard, but have options from which you can choose.


Teller lockers, cash lockers and safes for your vault can be custom made or use on of our standards.  Polished aluminum, stainless steel, or painted steel in a variety of colors are available.

You have a choice of time delayed combination locks, key locks and more.


Our safe deposit boxes come in several sizes and combinations and in three choices of material.  We can match guard keys and custom build to match case sizes and styles.

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