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Tracy Hendrix started FEMAC in 1990 primarily as a service company.  It has become both a sales and a service company covering the state of Georgia.

Formerly an employee of Lefebure, Tracy had experience with various manufacturers' product lines in sales and service.

The presidents of two financial institutions in the Valdosta, GA area urged him to start his own company because they wanted better service.  They showed faith in the idea by offering their service contracts to Tracy.  Over the years, FEMAC grew slowly but steadily to have sales representatives in Atlanta and Statesboro and technicians throughout the state.  (See map)

FEMAC offers a wide variety of products including many not traditionally offered by our competitors.

We also offer service contracts that are custom designed to meet specific needs.

Let us show you why our customers love the way we do business.

We are proud members of...

Contact information

FEMAC Services
1900 Union Church Road
Register, GA  30452

Phone: (912) 852-2552
Toll free: (800) 903-3622
Fax: (912) 852-2555

E-mail: info@FEMACservices.com

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