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We are proud to use Ademco security products.  Our line of alarm systems are Bank & Mercantile rated and are expandable up to 128 zones.  English language keypads with easy-to-read LCD displays and ease-of-operation go into every system that we sell.  The Vista family of panels are fully programmable by computer download so that any changes you need to make for personnel or physical security can be done quickly and with strict control.


FEMAC offers a full line of access control products that can be integrated into our security system.  This includes card readers, palm or thumb print readers, keypad access and more.


We are also proud to provide a full line of fire alarm products and are one of the few financial product companies anywhere that sells an integrated fire and security system to keep down equipment and monitoring costs.


Closed circuit television is probably the single most important security purchase that any financial institution can procure.

We offer a wide variety of cameras for any situation and for any environment.


We manufacture our own Digital Video Recorder.  The features and benefits of our system simply blows away the competition.  The components and software we use are of the highest quality to ensure minimal downtime and top-notch video.

Not only are our DVRs highly efficient, but they come with loads of features that are optional on most others.  Built-in CD burners, larger hard drives, more RAM, network compatible out of the box, and much more.

Ease of use is another way we stand above the rest.  PC-based and less difficult to operate than any time-lapse VCR, if you can use Windows, you can operate our system.

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